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     In most cases the timeless beauty of the old handcrafted hand hewed log homes built by our ancestors are only preserved in photos. In our search for an old log home we found most were not in the location we wanted or that the one we really liked and desired was not for sale. We talked with many log home owners who pointed out how much it costs in time and money to maintain real wood logs as well as the need for chemicals to defend their home agains termites and carpenter bees.  Some spoke of woodpeckers making noise. It almost seemed as if they wanted to talk us out of building a log home. We wanted a home that would be virtually maintenance free while preserving natural resources and allow time to enjoy family.

     That winter I spent time with a friend who was ill Walt spent his time thinking about the log home we had longed for. While pondering a log home that would be worry free and better than logs his thoughts turned to concrete. He developed and patented a system that reproduces to the most minute detail the exact look and feel of antique hand hewed logs  with dovetailed corners that are made of long-lasting concrete. A log home that eliminates the drawbacks encountered when using real wood logs or siding can be built and enjoyed for years to come. Old Kentucky Logs concrete log siding can be installed on a new frame construction, A remodel of existing buildings made of wood, brick, concrete block and even wood logs can be made to appear as an antique log home.

     Concrete log siding:

  • Has no impact on our forest …. choose building materials wisely

  • Eliminates the expensive maintenance of wood

  • Naturally fire resistant

  • Does not warp, settle, or rot

  • Less expensive to insure than wood log homes 

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